AdreamSoft Office Recovery

AdreamSoft Office Recovery

A good combination of Word document recovery, Excel file Recovery...

A good combination of Word document recovery, Excel file Recovery and PowerPoint Recovery, etc. AdreamSoft OFFICE Recovery integrates data recovery utilities for Office applications into one easy recovery wizard.

Wth easy-to-use interface, comprehensive recovery, and precise recovery results it provides you easy, fast and reliable OFFICE Recovery experience!

Recover lost files due to various reasons:Intentional or accidental deletion, virus infection, format, misuse of partition tools, some bad sectors and all the other data lost caused by nonphysical damage.

Support wind range of devices:Support recover lost files from hard drive, USB drive, memory card, camera card, Zip disk, floppy disk or other storage media that can show up in My ComputerSupport MS Office from 97 to 2007:Quickly and easily recover Word document, Excel file and PowerPoint presentation, etc.

BenefitsTime-SavingHigh speed scan engine can greatly speeds up the whole recovery process Stop recovery process at any time once your target files has been recoveredSupport reading information from storage media which physical damaged.

You can smoothly carrying on Office recovery even on the storage media with a few bad tracksOutput files with original directory if the parent directory has been detected, no need for classificationAdvantages Preview recoverable documents even the trial versionPreview the inner information of recoverable files before recoveryAlways find the latest version of lost document.

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AdreamSoft Office Recovery


AdreamSoft Office Recovery

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